What Travel Insurance Do I Need For Tanzania?

What Travel Insurance Do I Need For Tanzania?

Many people get travel insurance before traveling to Tanzania in case they get sick or need medical assistance while away from home.

While travel insurance is not required to travel to Tanzania on a tourist visa, it’s a good idea to get an insurance plan.

If you happen to fall ill or need a serious medical procedure, you get extra protection for injuries or other unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance can also compensate you for lost items or missed flights when the circumstances were beyond your control.

Why Should I Get Travel Insurance?

When you have travel insurance, you will be protected from the following things:

  • Personal injuries
  • Missed transport or a delayed departure for reasons that are not in your control
  • Emergencies including medical issues
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged items

Without travel insurance, you’re stuck paying out of your own pocket. This can really ruin your vacation especially if you need to use the vacation money you saved to pay for medical bills or lost items.

What Should Be Included in My Tanzanian Travel Insurance?

Make sure you get a travel insurance plan that covers the following:

  • Cover for damaged or lost items
  • Cover for lost or delayed baggage
  • Cover for cancellation or a missed departure
  • Personal injuries
  • Accidents
  • Medical expenses and paid cover for you to get home

Things to Consider Before Buying Travel Insurance

Many companies offer different plans or tiers of insurance. It can be hard to know which one to buy since every insurance company will have different benefits and add-ons. Not everyone will need the same policy so make sure to read all the options and choose the one that will benefit you the most.

Here are the things to consider before choosing a plan:

  • Coverage: Always check what the policy covers and what is not covered. Not every plan covers the same items, so you need to check each section of the terms and conditions. Make sure to see coverage for COVID-19, loss of baggage, loss of documents, and medical emergencies.
  • Riders: Most standard insurance policies do not cover expensive items that you might be planning to carry with you on vacation. If you need coverage for jewelry, electronics, or sports equipment, this is usually an add-on.
  • Claims process: The claims process is the by far the most complicated process of any insurance company. Make sure to always read the reviews about the company to see how people experienced the customer services and how the claims were handled.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions: Just as with regular medical insurance, you have to claim pre-existing medical conditions before purchasing travel insurance. If you do not declare a condition, your policy could become invalid.

Best Things to Include In Your Tanzania Travel Insurance Plan

When going through insurance plans, you will see many options to add on things. Most people can get by with standard policies unless they are traveling with sports equipment or camera equipment that needs extra insurance.

Make sure to get a plan that has a breakdown of these categories:

  • Emergency Evacuation: This ensures that you can leave the country in the case of a medical emergency, political unrest, or a natural disaster.
  • Flight Cancellations: Being stuck at the airport because of a cancelled flight can ruin your holiday. A good travel insurance plan will make sure you are on the next flight so you can get back to enjoying your vacation.
  • Medical Support: Most health insurance plans from your country will not cover medical issues while you are abroad. If you happen to get a broken bone or need surgery, you can avoid paying out of pocket with travel insurance.

Types of Travel Insurance

There are two main types of travel insurance plans. One is for people travelling solo and the other is for people traveling in a group.

If you are in a group of people that are not relatives, getting group insurance is cost-effective and it will cover all the same items as individual insurance. Most companies will only offer group insurance for those that are travelling with 7 or more people.

When travelling alone, you have the option of a single-trip policy or a trip-wise policy. Trip-wise policies are better for people that are frequent travelers. It’s much more cost-effective and saves you time from needing to purchase a plan every time you book a trip.

Most trip-wise plans cover you for a whole year. You can also get extended plans if you travel to the same destination.

Best Travel Insurance Companies for Tanzania

Now that you know what to look for in a plan, here are some of the best companies that travelers usually go through when coming to Tanzania.

Allianz Travel Insurance

They have over 10 different insurance plans to choose from. You can also get annual trip policies if you are planning to travel many times in a specific year. OneTrip Prime is the most popular choice with coverage for trip interruption, medical, baggage loss, and travel delay coverage.

Worlds Nomad

Worlds Nomad is best for those that are coming to Tanzania for adventure travel. You can add on insurance for things like bungee jumping, scuba diving, and mountain biking. You can also fully customize plans or buy one of the premade ones.

Seven Corners

This company is the most popular choice for those that need insurance for pre-existing conditions. You can choose between an economy plan or an elite plan. They also have some great policies for students and groups that are affordable.


They have great plans if you have specific add-ons you want to purchase. Their basic plans are very affordable and then you can select other options you need. You can also get policies for pre-existing conditions.


IMG has more options compared to other travel insurance companies. They have special plans for those 65 and older as well as plans for government workers, ex-pats, and students. Their family-friendly plans are affordable making them one of the best choices for people traveling with kids.

Getting Travel Insurance for Tanzania

Securing travel insurance for Tanzania is often a simple process that can be done online. Make sure to purchase your plan at least a few weeks ahead of time so you get the insurance card in the mail. Many companies also send you online confirmations that you can print and put in your suitcase.

While falling sick and dealing with cancelled trips is rare, it’s always a good plan to have travel insurance to make any unexpected events easier to deal with. This allows you to relax and enjoy all that Tanzania has to offer!

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