What are Lodges Hotels Tents Accommodation Like on A Safari?

What are Lodges/ Hotels/ Tents Accommodation Like on A Safari?

One of the best parts about taking a Tanzanian safari is the vast choices you have when it comes to choosing accommodations. Some people come on safaris for special occasions and choose to stay in luxury lodges. 


Other travellers are on a budget and choose to stay in basic hotels and tents. There are pros and cons to each option. 


If you’re wondering what to expect in regard to Tanzania Safari accommodation, this guide lays out all your options for you! 


Lodges and Hotels 

Lodges while on safari will have all the same amenities you could expect from a hotel. Luxury lodges will offer extra services including spas, room service, and sometimes WIFI. Many of the lodges also have outdoor pools. 


If you are staying in a luxury lodge, you can expect to spend several hundred or even a few thousand dollars per night. Regular lodges are about the same price or sometimes even cheaper than permanent tented camps. 


Many lodges have dining rooms where you’ll be served meals. Some lodges also have bars and lounges. 


When to Stay in a Lodge 

Lodges are better for those that prefer to have access to extra amenities. Many people also prefer the lodge experience if they are on their Tanzania honeymoon or another special occasion. 


If you prefer to stay in hotels compared to tents or hostels when travelling, a lodge is probably a better choice for you. 


The more expensive lodges also offer world-class service. You’ll be treated like royalty with private butlers, room service, and amazing food. 


When Not to Stay in a Lodge 

Lodges are not for everyone. Since you are in a building with four walls, you are not immersed in nature as much as you would be in a tent. 


Lodges are also in permanent locations compared to mobile tents. So, if you are coming to the Serengeti for the Great Migration, you’ll need to find a lodge in the right location. Otherwise, you risk missing what you came to the park to see. 


Permanent Tented Camps 

Some permanent tented camps are even more luxurious than lodges. They offer air conditioning, private bathrooms, and WIFI. The rooms are smaller than lodges, but they still have private bathrooms and large beds. 


There are other permanent tented camps that are more basic. Each canvas tent will have electricity, but there will be communal bathrooms and showers. 


At permanent tented camps, you’ll have your meals inside a dining room where a chef will cook fresh food for every meal. Some permanent tented camps have bars on-site as well. 


When to Stay in a Permanent Tented Camp

These canvas tents are a great option for those that want to be close to nature but still have modern amenities like electricity and indoor plumbing. Permanent tented camps range from very luxurious to pretty basic. You have the freedom to choose how you want to live during your safari. 


Overall, you’ll get comfortable accommodation that still has all the same amenities as a hotel. 


When Not to Stay in a Permanent Tented Camp 

Just like lodges, permanent tented camps are not mobile. So, you are not as close to the animals as you would be in a mobile camp. Depending on the location of the camp, it might be close to the Great Migration. During certain times of the year, permanent tented camps can be pricey if they are in an ideal location. 


You also need to check the specific camp before booking as some have private bathrooms in the tent and others have communal spaces, so make sure you are reserving whatever you’re most comfortable with. 


Mobile Camps 

Mobile camps are canvas tents that are moved around the park during the year so that guests can be closer to wildlife. If you’re coming to Tanzania just to see the Great Migration, a mobile camp is your best option. 


Not all mobile camps will have flushing toilets, but some do. Mobile camps do not have real showers so you’ll be bathing from a bucket. 


You’ll be served traditional Tanzania food, but there aren’t a lot of options for sophisticated meals since kitchens are temporary and fresh food does not travel very well. 


The beds at mobile camps are warm and spacious, but the tents do not have all the same amenities that permanent tented camps do. 


When to Stay in a Mobile Tented Camp 

These camps are best for those that want to be fully immersed into the nature of the parks. You’ll hear the animals making noises during the night and might even wake up to animal tracks throughout the camp. 


Mobile camps also have better service since rooms are limited. With fewer travelers, you won’t have to wait for service like you would at a fully packed lodge. 


When Not to Stay in a Mobile Tented Camp 

Mobile camps are not for everyone. If you want full access to electricity and plumbing, you might prefer to stay in a permanent tent or a lodge. If you have already stayed in a mobile camp before and seen the Great Migration, you might want to try something different on your next safari. 


Some people aslo prefer to only do a mobile camp for a few nights and then spend the rest of their time in a lodge. 


Tanzania Safari Accommodation

As you can see, there are many different accommodation options for a safari! They range from extremely luxurious to basic. No matter where you choose to stay, you can expect the hospitable service that Tanzania is known for. 


You can also change your accommodation from park to park if you prefer lodges in some areas and mobile camps in others. Just let the us know and they will do the booking for you!


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