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What Do Safari Guides Do on Safaris? 


If you’re coming to Tanzania for a safari, you’ll go everywhere with your safari guide. Whether you’re walking through the parks or driving, choosing the right safari guide essential to having a good trip. 


Safari guides are highly knowledgeable and spend years learning about all the animals and terrains of the parks. They also learn where to drive within the parks to give you the best chance at spotting all the animals.                         


If you’re heading for a Tanzania safari, make sure to find a guide with all the right experience!


Look Out For Your Safety 

One of the main tasks of safari guides is to keep you safe and healthy while you’re in the national parks of Tanzania. They learn about animal behavior as well. So, they know the perfect distance to keep from the animals to keep you safe. 


They are also experts at off-road driving. You’ll never have to worry about your safari car getting stuck since they spend years driving all the routes of the park. 


Use Their Tracking Skills To Find Animals 

National parks are different from zoos. The animals are not in the same places every day. A safari guide needs to study animal sounds and tracks to find the animals in the open wilderness. This allows the safari guide to locate the animals you want to see. 


During a safari, the animals don’t just approach the vehicle as you might see in movies or photos. While it’s possible to just stumble upon an animal, safari guides have to track them down in most cases. 


Without an expert guide, you might miss out on the opportunities to see animals, especially predators. 


Know the Importance of Wildlife Conservation 

Since you are in the natural habitat of the animals, the safari guide can’t always get you as close to the animals as you’d like. There are also some parts of the park that are not safe or not ideal for driving. 


Safari guides aim to conserve the homes of the animals and keep them safe. Your safari guide will use their skills to stay further from animals in certain parts of the park where getting closer to them might endanger or upset them. 


Walking Through the Park With You 

While most people do game drive safaris, you can also choose to do a walking safari. The guide will take you through the dense bush of the parks and track the animals. While walking, the guide always has your safety and the safety of the animals in mind. 


To be a walking safari guide, the person must spend years studying wind direction, animal tracks, and animal behavior. 


Answer All Your Questions 

You’re going to have a million questions while on safari! Your guide is there to answer all the questions you might have about Tanzania, the parks, or the animals. 


With the right guide, you’ll be able to have fun while also learning everything there is to know about the parks and the animals that call the parks home. 


Ask them anything you want! They are used to questions and are ready to share their knowledge with you!


Friendly and Familiar 

To be a safari guide, a person needs to be friendly and hospitable. They also need to be local to Tanzania or have lived there for many years. This way they can answer all your questions about the culture and language. 


The guides will even teach you how to say the animals in Swahili! It’s also important for guides to be accustomed to working with young children and families. 


Safaris are one of the top activities in Tanzania for families. Safari guides are fun with children and know how to keep the journey safe!


They’re With You Every Step of the Way 

Safari guides are not just with you while on the safaris. They also sometimes share meals with you and are a companion for you. Many safari guides also do airport pickups and drop-offs. They are often the first person you see when you arrive in Tanzania!


Safari guides are hospitable during every step of the journey. Many people become good friends with their safari guides and even still chat with them years later!


Fill Your Days With Adventure!

Safari guides are the spirit of Tanzania! When they have adventurous spirits, they make the journey much more fun. Guides who love their job can really give you an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. 


They know how to make your days filled with adventure while also keeping you and your family safe!


Safari guides are more than just a guide. They are the face of Tanzania. They spend years studying the national parks and the animals to make sure you have an educational and once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


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