How Much are Tips for Guides and Other Services While in Tanzania?

How Much are Tips for Guides and Other Services While in Tanzania? 


Tipping culture varies widely from country to country. You might be confused about if or when to top while in Tanzania while on your safari. This guide will cover exactly when and how much to tip. 


It can definitely be awkward in a new country when trying to figure out the local etiquette when it comes to tipping. 


While tipping is not a huge part of the culture in East Africa, safaris and the tourism industry are an exception. Since many workers hardly earn a liveable wage, tipping should definitely be done to help those that have made your experience unforgettable. 


Tipping on a Safari 

You should try to remember to tip everyone while on a safari including your guides, cooks, drivers, porters, and cleaners. 10% is often the starting point for tipping, but you should consider tipping much more if the service is stellar. 


Safari Lodge Tipping

There are many people that work at safari lodges including the behind the scenes people you might not ever meet. They should all be tipped at the end of your stay. If you’re not sure how much to tip, you can always ask the manager of the lodge or the main person at reception. 


Most lodges have a tip jar so you can put the money there rather than needing to seek out each individual person and tipping them. 


Each member of your party should plan to leave about 10 to 20 USD per day. 


Tipping Your Safari Guide 

Your guide while on safari is in charge of keeping you safe while on driving and walking game activities. They are your point of contact during your entire holiday and they work hard to make sure you see all the animals in the park. 


You should tip the guide at the end of the safari. The most common rate is 10 USD per person per day. 


Tipping Safari Trackers 

On some safaris, you’ll also have a safari tracker. They help the guide find the animals and give advice on where to look to get the best photos. 


To show appreciation for their hard work, you should tip 5 USD per person per day. 


Tipping Guidelines for Tanzania

Unlike in Western countries, you should tip in cash rather than add it to the bill when paying with a credit or debit card. You can tip in Tanzanian shillings or US dollars. 


If you are taking any kind of tour with a guide, you should plan to tip about 8 to 10 USD per guest per day. This also goes for a safari guide, although it’s recommended you tip more in the 10 USD per day range. 


For a safari chef, plan to tip 2 USD per guest per day. For the other staff members, you should also plan to tip 2 USD per guest per day. 


No matter who you’re tipping, you should always plan to tip at the end of the trip. You don’t need to tip the guides or chefs at the end of every day. 


Tipping for Other Services

Tipping for Restaurants and Bars 

Before or after your safari, you might spend time exploring Tanzania on your own including trying the local foods and drinks. 


When you eat at a restaurant, plan to tip 10 to 15% of the bill. You might want to tip more if the service was stellar or if you are dining as a large group. 


At bars, plan to tip 10% of your final tab. You can also tip about 1 or 2 dollars per drink instead. 


Tipping at Airports 

There will usually be someone at the airport that will offer to help you with your luggage. It’s recommended you tip about one dollar per piece of luggage. If you have extra heavy baggage or an awkward piece of luggage, you might want to tip more. 


Tipping at Hotels 

It’s usually not required that you tip workers at hotels. If someone carries your luggage to your room, you can consider tipping them a few dollars. Some people also like to tip the hotel cleaners at the end of their stay. 

These tips are always welcomed and appreciated. 


Tipping Drivers

It’s usually not required to tip a taxi driver although many people do. You should definitely consider tipping a driver if they had to wait for you for a long time or if you took many stops to get to your destination. 


If you hired a private driver while in Tanzania, you can tip them 5 to 10 USD per day at the end of the trip. 


Tipping Kilimanjaro Guides 

Along with safari workers and service workers, you need to tip your Kilimanjaro guides at the end of the climb. Most people tip as a group rather than per person. 


Here are some guidelines to follow for tipping at the end of your climb::


  • Guides: 20-25 USD per day
  • Porters: 10 USD per day 
  • Cooks: 15 USD per day 
  • Assistant Guides: 15-20 USD per day

Adding Gratuity While Traveling Tanzania 

Giving a tip to your guides and those that help you during your time in Tanzania is one of the best ways to show your appreciation! It also encourages them to keep doing great work. 


If you ever have any doubt about how much to tip, you can always ask one of our office team members and they can give you some guidance. 


Tipping doesn't have to be awkward! It’s welcome and the guides will always receive your tip with gratitude.


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