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What is Food & Drink Like While on Safari?

Food and drink while on safari can vary widely depending on the duration of your safari and where you’re staying. For example, luxury lodges have more options than mobile camps since lodges have full kitchens and ways to keep food fresh for longer. 


No matter what you eat while on a Tanzania safari though, it will be freshly prepared and delicious. You’ll also have the opportunity to try local dishes to immerse yourself into the culture better. 


Most safaris are also able to accommodate dietary restrictions as well as vegans and vegetarians. Just let the us know when booking so that a special meal can be prepared for you. 


Breakfast and Brunch 

Breakfast will give you a wide variety of options with carbs and proteins always included. You can expect eggs, sausages, toast, sweet pastries, coffee, and tea. 


If you’re having breakfast in the lodge or campsite, you might have a buffet-style breakfast where you can pick and choose what you want. Some places also have cook-to-order egg or omelet stations. 


There will also be choices of cereals, fruits, cheese, and different choices of bread. 



If you are having lunch picnic-style while in the park between activities, you’ll most likely have a sandwich and fruit. Sometimes staff members will meet you in the park and you’ll have a more hearty meal like rice, potatoes, soups, and maybe some meat. 


If you go back to the lodge for lunch, you’ll probably be served a buffet-style lunch with many different options. 


Tea Time 

In between lunch and dinner, you’ll be served tea. This happens before you head out for your evening game drive. You can choose between tea or coffee. You’ll also have some lite snacks including sweet options and savory choices. 


You can expect to have peanuts, cashews, small sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, tarts, and maybe some quiche. You might also be served some East African staples like chapati and samosas. 



Dinner is the fanciest meal of the day and is almost always served at the lodge or campsite. You’ll have three courses including appetizers, the main course, and dessert. Appetizers usually include soups or salads, sometimes both. 


The main course will change every day. You can have anything from fish to pasta to meat. Sometimes you might also have a curry dish. 


The main course usually also includes many different vegetable side dishes and sauces. 


After the main course, you’ll be served dessert. Some lodges will serve you one dessert like a pudding or a cake slice. Other lodges have dessert buffets where you can choose from a selection of cakes, pastries, puddings, and fruits. 



The drink selection depends on the safari package you booked and where you’re staying. Basic packages usually include water, soda, tea, and coffee. 


If you’re at a luxury lodge or campsite, you will also be served beer and wine. 


Most campsites have bottled beer and wine available for purchase as well if it’s not already included in your safari cost. Some places have bars and lounges while in other places you can just order alcoholic beverages from the dining hall. 


Tips for Dining While on Your Safari 

  • If you have special dietary restrictions, make sure to let the staff know at the time of booking. If you wait until the safari begins, they might not be able to accommodate you as well. 
  • Many Tanzanian dishes are vegetarian so there are almost always choices for those that do not eat meat. If you are vegetarian or vegan though, still make sure to let the company know at the time of booking. 
  • If you have any allergies, you should also note them on your booking. Common allergies can be easily avoided by the chefs and staff, so don’t worry!
  • Some lodges have set meals while others have buffet styles. Places that have an assortment of choices will be able to better accommodate you and you’ll be able to enjoy the food more with a larger selection. 
  • Bring your own snacks if you desire. Some people like to bring their own snacks if they want something special in their diet or if they want something extra to eat while on the game drives. 
  • Ask about surcharges. If you aren’t sure if your safari includes things like alcohol, make sure to ask before you order. Most guides and staff will let you know before you make the order as well so you can be prepared for the extra bill. 
  • Safari chefs have years of experience. Be prepared to eat well! Safari chefs train to make a variety of different dishes that everyone will enjoy! 


While safaris are known for their incredible opportunities for viewing wildlife, the culinary experience is often some of the best in Tanzania as well. Bring your appetite and be prepared to eat good while experiencing all the best that Tanzania has to offer!


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