Given the option, for the same price would you rather have a suit off the rack or tailor-made…

The Right Itinerary at the Right Price

When it comes to safaris, the sheer number of set itineraries and options can be overwhelming. Set itineraries such as the ones on our home page can give you a good idea of what’s possible, but we generally find once we speak to a customer about these, that we end up tailor making an itinerary for them anyway.

This is usually after they have spent hours trawling the internet looking at itineraries, and a common comment from customers is ‘I wish I had just called you to begin with!’

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A safari is likely the most complicated holiday you will ever book. The right itinerary for you needs to be designed around you and your preferences. While you may find a set itinerary that includes some things you would like, it is rare to find one that matches what you want precisely.

Why Choose Us?

When planning a big trip often the high street doesn’t cut it anymore. You want the trip to be special and that’s why it’s important to use a specialist that can listen to your needs and help you create the perfect experience.

We are here to help you get the best for your time and money!

  • We will listen to your wishes and requirements.

  • Advise on the best options to meet these, possibly including some you had not considered.

  • Design an itinerary just for you, that is right for you, your travel dates and budget.

Another consideration is dates. Most safari reserves are seasonal, meaning they are better at some times of year than others, and set itineraries don’t really account for this. This means you might not spend the right amount of time in the right place for the time of year.

  • A good example of this is Tarangire National Park. From Jun-Oct this is one of the best parks in Africa, but in Jan/Feb it is very quiet and has a Tsetse fly issues.

The good news is that this service does not cost you any extra. We love the challenge of tailor-making, and we know this always has the best outcome for our customer, giving them the best itinerary and experience possible.

Call and speak to one of our safari experts today, and let us use our years of experience to guide you to your perfect itinerary.

Let us tailor-make your Tanzania safari.

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Tailor-made doesn’t make things more expensive, in fact the price you pay for your itinerary will never be more than if you did all the legwork yourself plus you gain the benefit of our advice and experience for free.

We have been building tailor-made safaris since 2006 and look forward to working with you.

Price Promise: We guarantee that booking with us is the same or better than with the property direct.

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