Is Safari In Tanzania Good?

Is Safari In Tanzania Good?

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  • Apr 14, 2024
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Tanzania, with its diverse landscapes and rich wildlife, has become a popular destination for safari enthusiasts. Located in East Africa, Tanzania is home to some of the world's most renowned national parks such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. With various safari options to choose from, one might wonder, "Is safari in Tanzania good?" In this article, we will explore the answer to this question by looking at the different aspects of Tanzania's safari experience. 

The Beauty of Tanzania's National Parks 

Tanzania's national parks are undoubtedly one of the main attractions for tourists seeking a safari experience. The Serengeti National Park, known for its annual wildebeest migration, offers a breathtaking view of the African savannah and its abundant wildlife. The Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to a diverse range of animals, making it a popular destination among safari-goers. Other national parks such as Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Selous also offer unique and unforgettable safari experiences. These parks are well-maintained, and their natural beauty makes them a must-visit for anyone visiting Tanzania. 

Variety of Safari Options 

Tanzania offers a wide range of safari options to cater to the different interests and budgets of tourists. From luxury lodges to budget-friendly camping safaris, there is something for everyone. Many tour operators offer custom safari packages, allowing tourists to personalize their safari experience according to their preferences. Additionally, Tanzania offers a unique safari experience in the form of walking safaris, where visitors can explore the wilderness on foot with a guide. This option provides a more intimate and up-close encounter with nature and its inhabitants. 

The Diversity of Wildlife 

Tanzania is home to a wide variety of wildlife, making it a dream destination for animal lovers. The country's diverse landscapes, ranging from grasslands to mountains, support a large number of animal species. The Big Five – lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, and rhinos, can all be found in Tanzania's national parks, along with other iconic animals such as giraffes, zebras, and hippos. Additionally, Tanzania is a hotspot for birdwatching, with over 1,100 bird species recorded in the country. It is a treat for nature enthusiasts to witness such a vast array of animals in their natural habitats. 

Experienced and Knowledgeable Guides 

A safari experience is not complete without a knowledgeable and experienced guide to lead the way and provide insightful information about the wildlife and their habitats. Tanzania's safari guides are well-trained and have extensive knowledge about the local flora and fauna. Many of them have grown up in the surrounding areas and have a deep understanding of the wildlife and their behaviors. They are also adept at spotting animals from a distance and have a keen eye for photography opportunities. With their guidance, tourists can have a more in-depth and meaningful safari experience. 

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism 

In recent years, there has been a growing focus on sustainable and responsible tourism in Tanzania's safari industry. Tour operators and accommodations are taking steps to minimize the impact of tourism on the environment and the local communities. Many safari operators work closely with the local communities to create community-based tourism initiatives, providing jobs and income for the locals. Additionally, some safari companies have also implemented eco-friendly practices, such as using solar power and minimizing plastic waste. By choosing a responsible safari company like Tanzania Safaris, tourists can have a positive impact on the local communities and the environment. 


In conclusion, is safari in Tanzania good? The answer is a resounding yes. Tanzania's national parks offer stunning landscapes and a diverse range of wildlife, and the variety of safari options cater to every taste and budget. The experienced guides and the focus on sustainability only enhance the safari experience and make it one to remember. Tanzania should be on every safari enthusiast's bucket list, and it truly is a destination that lives up to its reputation. So, pack your safari gear and get ready to embrace the beauty of Tanzania's wildlife and nature. 

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