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These are our most popular Tanzania safari & tours packages booked by visitors traveling to Tanzania. Perfect for those who do not have the time to design their own itineraries.
For those who have specific needs and interests, we also offer custom designed tour itineraries, at no extra cost.


From pristine beach to remote savannah, dazzling crater rim or dreamy lakeside forest, the setting of the best Tanzania safari lodges are spectacular, for sure … but that’s not all that made the grade for the list of best African safari lodges, there’s also the expert and personalised service, and small touches of detail that enhance comfort – and above all else, the luxury of once-in-a-lifetime surprises.

Not only are our selected destinations chosen as they are in some of Tanzania’s most spectacular places, they’re recommended for their service too; indeed, whether you’re on a lake island, an island in the ocean, or drifting in a sea of grass, no detail is ever left to chance.


As a company with extensive experience in Tanzania, we are confident in our unparalleled knowledge of this breathtaking country. We take great pride in our expertise and make sure to continually update it. Our team of experienced travel experts regularly revisit all corners of this magnificent land, ensuring that our advice is always the most reliable. No matter what your travel preferences may be, we can tailor your perfect holiday in Tanzania.

Whether you dream of embarking on a thrilling Tanzania Safari in the vast Serengeti, or relaxing on the idyllic coral sand beaches of Zanzibar, we have you covered. We also offer unforgettable adventures in the lush chimpanzee forests near stunning Lake Tanganyika, or the opportunity to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro.

Curious about what your trip to Tanzania would be like? With our help, you can plan a truly unforgettable and personalized experience in this captivating country. Trust our knowledge and expertise to make your dream Tanzania holiday a reality. For the ultimate research tool, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to visiting Tanzania - the best resource available. Let us show you the wonders and beauty of Tanzania like no one else can.


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We are a legally registered tour operator and travel agency in Bhutan certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. When you book your tour with us, you can rest assured knowing you will be in good hands.

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We provide you with the lowest price for your tour with all discounts and promotional fares (if applicable) passed on to you. Our tour prices do not have any hidden charges, making it very transparent.

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All our trips are meticulously planned and managed by our local travel experts. From your tour guide to your accommodations, everything is carefully arranged to provide you the best experience on your tour of Bhutan.

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Once you are happy with your tour itinerary and cost, you can book your trip using our secure online payment platform. From your dashboard you can upload your documents, review your trip plan, download your visa and correspond with us.

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